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About Love Pilates

​Hello and welcome to Love Pilates, a locally based Pilates business based in Cambridgeshire, run by
Liz Dolman offering range of pilates, step and trigger point classes. The pilates classes use a variety of equipment to add more interest to your pilates routine.

From June 2021, some of the classes have returned to village halls, however I still offer online classes as follows: 

  • Pilates Express class - 30 mins - online - Monday/Friday/Saturday AM

  • Pilates Mat class - 60 mins - online - Monday PM

  • Pilates Mat class - 45 mins - online - Tuesday, Wednesday AM

  • Pilates Mat class - 1 hour - instructor led in village halls - Milton, Chatteris, Haddenham, Landbeach, Sutton, Wicken

  • Pilates Large Ball class - 1 hour - online - Monday online PM and in Haddenham hall monthly

  • Trigger Point Pilates class - 1 hour class - online - Sunday AM

  • Pilates Mat Flow class - 45 mins - online - Tuesday and Thursday PM

  • Beginners Step - 30 mins - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday AM

  • Pilates Barre and Mat Intervals - online - Sunday AM - 45 mins & Thursday AM - 30 mins 

There are classes 7 days a week - Take a look at the timetable.

Clients also have access to online videos where they can find over 2000 videos and new classes are constantly being uploaded.

Pilates is a great form of exercise for people who want to build up their core strength, avoid or recover from injury, improve their posture and balance and gain a greater mind and body awareness!

Call me for help and advice on which Pilates class is the most suitable for you.

Pilates classes are usually performed in a group environment and are primarily mat-based helping to...

  • Develop strong core abdominal muscles

  • Improve/ease back pain

  • Strengthen pelvic floor

  • Improve posture, body awareness, balance & co-ordination

  • Build long and flexible muscles making you feel slender

  • Increase overall body strength

  • Tone the body and may help weight loss

  • Improve confidence levels

Pilates also helps to improve your mind-body connection by proper breathing, correct spine and pelvic alignment concentrating on smooth, flowing movement.

Contact me today to find out more.  I look forward to you joining one of my Love Pilates classes.

Your Instructor

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Liz Dolman


Coming back from Australia in 1989, I decided to take my fitness qualifications and teach something I enjoyed doing.  In 1994, qualified as an Exercise to Music Instructor with the YMCA. Throughout my fitness life I always look at ways to improve and keep knowledge up to date by attending workshops and conferences.


In 2004, started training as a Pilates Instructor with the Pilates Institute in London. In 2006, decided to add the stability ball into classes, hence May 2006 completed a one day Stability Ball Training Course with Kathryn Cullen. As I enjoyed it so much booked on her next course, The Ball, The Core and More! Becoming a Level 3 Instructor was my next goal which I achieved with Future Fit Training in 2010.  More...

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Love Pilates


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