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About LovePilates


​Hello and welcome to Love Pilates, a locally based Pilates business based in Cambridgeshire, run by Liz Dolman offering range of pilates, step and trigger point classes. The pilates classes use a variety of equipment to add more interest to your pilates routine.

From June 2021, now back in village halls and still offering online classes as follows: 

  • Pilates Express class - 30 mins - online - Friday evening at 6pm

  • Pilates Mat class - 45 mins - online - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

  • Pilates Mat class - 1 hour - instructor led in village halls - Milton, Chatteris, Landbeach, Wicken

  • The Hog Pilates class - 45 mins - online

  • Pilates Large Ball class - 1 hour - online and in Haddenham

  • Trigger Point Pilates class - 30 mins and 1 hour classes - online - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

  • Pilates Mat Flow class - 45 mins - online

  • Beginners Step - 30 mins - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Pilates on the Barre - 15 mins - online - Monday, Thursday and Sunday

There are classes 6 days a week and 4 or more classes a day except on a Sunday there are only two classes and no classes on a Saturday. Take a look at the timetable.

Clients also have access to online videos where they can catch up a missed class.

Pilates is a great form of exercise for people who want to build up their core strength, avoid or recover from injury, improve their posture and balance and gain a greater mind and body awareness!


Call me for help and advice on which Pilates class is the most suitable for you.


Pilates classes are usually performed in a group environment and are primarily mat-based helping to...


  • Develop strong core abdominal muscles

  • Improve/ease back pain

  • Strengthen pelvic floor

  • Improve posture, body awareness, balance & co-ordination

  • Build long and flexible muscles making you feel slender

  • Increase overall body strength

  • Tone the body and may help weight loss

  • Improve confidence levels


Pilates also helps to improve your mind-body connection by proper breathing, correct spine and pelvic alignment concentrating on smooth, flowing movement.


Contact us today to find out more.  I look forward to you joining one of my LovePilates classes.

Your Instructor

Liz Dolman



Coming back from Australia in 1989, I decided to take my fitness qualifications and teach something I enjoyed doing.  In 1994, qualified as an Exercise to Music Instructor with the YMCA. Throughout my fitness life I always look at ways to improve and keep knowledge up to date by attending workshops and conferences.


In 2004, started training as a Pilates Instructor with the Pilates Institute in London. In 2006, decided to add the stability ball into classes, hence May 2006 completed a one day Stability Ball Training Course with Kathryn Cullen. As I enjoyed it so much booked on her next course, The Ball, The Core and More! Becoming a Level 3 Instructor was my next goal which I achieved with Future Fit Training in 2010.  More...

Client Testimonials

Great testimonial from Amanda who should be an inspiration to us all. She joined my Wednesday morning class in Wicken at the end of April and wasn't not in a good place at all. She had been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and was told that she need to improve her core muscles which would help her condition. Since coming along, every week I see the massive improvements that she has made on her pilates journey - just walking across the car park, to laying on her side, the changes are immense.

Amanda's Pilates Journey

Wednesday Morning 9.30 am Wicken Pilates

After a recent GP visit I was advised to see a physio and start doing Pilates as I have been suffering from increasingly frequent lower back pain – to date the only solution had been Ibuprofen – typical man!

The physio was easy, effective, but pretty expensive, Pilates was more of a challenge – where to start? A friends wife regular goes to Liz’s classes and she suggested I join her. This was all a bit daunting at first, but Liz and her class made me very welcome. When I started I realised how I lacked in being supple, most of the exercises were a real challenge – but with Liz’s encouragement, I can really feel the benefit and enjoy the classes.


Since doing Pilates, I have less back pain, but when I do have pain – then using Pilates techniques it  goes away!

John Gooch

Milton Tuesday Evening Class

I have going to Love Pilates ever since Liz started her classes and I love it. I have tried loads of different exercise classes over the years but this is the only one that has made me keep coming back year after year. Not only is it doing my body good it makes me happy too.


Thanks Lizzie xxx

Debbie Turner

Wicken Thursday Evening Class

Pilates plays a significant role in my day to day life. It has increased my self-esteem and reduced stress levels. It has taught me to breathe properly and consciously maintain good posture. My strength, stamina and flexibility have all improved significantly. Pilates has also improved my balance and it has trained my mind to maintain a positive and focused approach to life. I can't imagine life without it now! 


I have seen a great improvement in my posture, core strength and flexibility since I started Pilates. However, the most beneficial gain is the fact that I am no longer in discomfort with my lower back. Liz runs a great class, she keeps an eye on us all. She works us hard but it is good fun.

Alison Sutherland

Haddenham Wednesday Evening Class

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